Monday, 15 July 2013

Sony Glass -The new Inovation Project of Sony

Now as the Time is Passing we are getting more and more deeper in the Tech Era.In this is Year every Company is trying to do something different.Apple has started his work with iWatch and LG and Samsung are also Seeking to work on same Watch concept,Google has launched his innovation with its "Google Glass" and many more projects are going on.But Sony is not in the above Gossip.On which new Innovation Tech Sony is working?

#Sony is Working With the same Glass Concept.Let' have a briefer Look to it :-

Sony is doing different experiment with glasses which gives you two screen means unlikely Google Glass Sony would let you view the screen in both the lenses.According to Some Roumores Sony is going to add one more interesting feature that would give Glass the ability to adjust the Screen By users eye Movement only.Like if you take your eye sight to the right side thw whole screen will move to the right.Sony Glass is gonna equipped with high Quality earphones and Powerful Camera which will make it more like a Smartphone.Sony might be taking this idea fto make a Head Mounted Display by its older Product - "HMZ-T2 Personal 3D viewer" which is already available in the market as the world's first Head Mounted 3D TV.

This year can also be dedicated as the year of "Wearable Gadgets",Sony is gone face a very Tough Competitions by Apple,Google,LG and Samsung because of this Kinds of Wearable Gadgets.But then also announcement of the Sony Glasses, is going to be considered the best in comparison with Google Glass because of its "Two-Lens Display" and many more features,Sony is expected to use Open Source OS unlikely the Google Glass.

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